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Hey Catholic People!

We are The Catechist, a brand new Catholic Website with a clear mission: move the catechesis out of the parish walls and show you the Catholic Church as you have never seen before.

Is good to know that, despite of being our first day here, we arrived carrying some luggage.

The Catechist is inspired in “O Catequista”, one of the largest Catholic websites in Brazil and already recognized by its new way to show the Catholic faith in other five countries, including the Holy See!

But The Catechist will not be just an American Version of “O Catequista”. In a recent interview to ACI Prensa, Bruno Valadão, one of our editors said “The Catechist has a successful DNA that will be adapted to focus on the issues that are important to U.S. Catholics. It is a totally new apostolate, but born from a platform that already produces a lot of content and has a huge credibility, being even recognized by the Vatican”.

That’s it! A brand new website with 10 years of experience. But there is more!

Our team is made up of catechists with no less than 20 years inside the “classrooms” and we are accredited in the Holy See Press Office. This will grant the right information about Vatican and the Pope, reported by people that know the Catholic Church AND LOVE IT.

Finally, we really want to be always as close as possible. So, please, follow us in our Instagram and Twitter. These will be the easiest way to talk with us.

If you are a journalist or press officer, please feel free to contact us at We will be very happy to help and collaborate!

Well… be welcome!


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